Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Winter presses on in KCMO. Our new shop has heat, so it's not so bad. Our roasting and printing space share real estate and oxygen with some other folks. There's been some adjusting for all of us. Being the weirdos we are, we are getting used to other human beings being in close proximity to us. The other humans are getting used to our noise and smells, and the smoke that accompanies really any issue that occurs with coffee roasting equipment. When something goes awry, depending on the stage of roast, stopping the smoke is like stopping effects of gravity. Computers and paper don't send you home smelling like the same. Coffee roasting, however, even on its best days-blesses all with the pleasant funk of second hand sugar caramelizing and hydro carbon production.

We have also laid to rest our second nikon point and shoot camera. Now, a verizon phone camera is the means of communicating to the world, the visual fantastickery that surrounds us on a daily basis. As we save for an upgrade, we will make the most of what we have.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cupping with the Filling Station

Some of the crew of the Filling Station came by today for a groundwork-laying cupping. everyone got dialed in deeper to the various general character of the various growing regions on the table. We will explore variety in preps shortly, and get as freaky as they are willing to get with wherever their collective coffee desires take them.

I love seeing people hovering together over coffees, spouting ideas & perceptions simultaneously. Learning to slurp & spit is a great way to bring a team nearer to each other. Now, I shall relish lugging the milk can serving as a spittoon and chaff collector to the garden for composting.

Inspiration ho.