Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blog Transfer forthcoming...

New post & blog here. Thanks blogspot, we have enjoyed our time with you. Thanks for taking the time to click and follow in the current format. See you on the other side, or something. Preferably, we will see you on the other side of our bar. Cheers!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hi. Summer's here, in KCMO, & I reckon it has come in most other local geographic hollers. I have not forgotten the drifts of Kansas City's winter streets. So, this kind of feels good still. My tolerance of low-level baking may have something to do with the fact that this is the first summer in perhaps a decade, that I have chosen to wear shorts.

Stuff going on here soon is thus: Westport Farmer's Market this Weds. We are going to serve some cold press coffee, as well as some whole-bean bags. Ric Rac Roundup is coming up in less than 2 weeks. More of the same hotness & refreshing iced coffeeness.

In addition, if you make it out to the Ric Rac, and are looking for something to experience in the evening, I have to urge you to check out Jeremy Collins' film, The Wolf & the Medallion, showing @ the Nelson. Check the trailer out and/or order tickets here

There's more to be said later. The shop is open, and it's been great to meet many of you fine folks who are seeking an over the cup coffee experience. Signs are going up soon, we have some form of signs installing themselves tomorrow. Expand on the basis of your success... cheers.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Strapped in

Happy Monday to you. We had a good one on this end. Brother Mike helped out around the shop today, and cranked out some coffee. He even did dishes after cursing at me & gesticulating with various hand & finger positions. Thanks Mike.

This week we will be featuring three coffees, one from Sulawesi, one from Huila, Colombia & one from Sumatra. Funky & pungent sweetness for two of them, clean and crisp on the other. They will be available in 12oz bags for home ingestion, or available by the cup in a variety of means @ the shop on Main St. We'll be there from 7-1.

What else? We are making plans, and getting ready for products to carry in house. It will be a leisurely process, but we know you will like it. Maybe we will get a sign on the building soon too. Naw, that's crazy talk...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Things are coming together

So, we have some high-dollar signage happening, that is sure to catch the eye of... passing lumberjacks. You know they cannot resist a good looking stump.

We are having a good time having the doors open on Main St. We enjoy being able to craft the means to communicate what we do & why we do it as we craft cups of coffee for you. Images should reflect that notion.

We are going to be pouring some coffee next week, Wednesday the 29th @ Fidel's Cigar Shop on Pennsylvania in Westport. 5-10, there will be music, food, live-cigar rolling, & other shenanigans(I do not use that word lightly). The link is here. Should be interesting...

Also happening soon, is our participation in the Westport Farmer's Market on Wednesdays. We will be serving some toddy, and whole-bean coffee.

If we don't see you at the events above, knock on the glass, or walk right in to the doorway of 3934 Main St. We are open Tuesday thru Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. for your coffee pleasure.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Impending Ric Rac Roundup

It's that time of year again... July 23rd is bring the Ric Rac Roundup into being once again. It's a day of freaky folks hanging out, with whom we resonate so well. We love getting to be part of it, and love what Betsy & Emily bring to the neighborhood. Come & check out some stuff your soul may require:examples of folks displaying the fruit of the things that make them tick.

We hope to see you there. we will be peddling toddy, whole-bean coffee & some other bits & bobs.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Wow, it's been a busy little while. Where to begin? Dunno.

Well, we are officially open, for starters!! I hear applause somewhere in my skull. The many voices convene to celebrate coffee in my cranium.

The former semi-delusional comment leads me to our current celebration(& reason for semi-delusional language). 3 days after the shop opens, my wife gave birth to a young man named, Oscar! All are well. She is amazing. We are a bit sleep-deprived, she more than I of course. But, we(the other three in our house) are joyful, and excited to show him around the country.

Back to the shop; it's bare-bones, kept simple. One can find whole-bean coffee for sale there, clad with in-house letterpressed packaging. One can find a man behind a counter, excited to pour you a cup of coffee - 12 oz cups to go. We are brewing with chemex & pourover cone methods currently. One will find this @ 3934 Main St. KCMO. Parking is Midtown style street side, or behind the building off Westport Rd. Bikes welcome. Bike rack coming soon. For now, wheel it in, or hitch it to the sturdy light post in front of the shop. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Many changes and augmentations are coming, but for now, we are very happy to be gritty people, peddling delicious coffees out of a tall and gritty space. We would not have it any other way. Maybe we would have a sign that says what we are, but, meh - all things in time...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clips of Faith!!!

Hey friends,

I would not be a friend if I did not remind you of one of the finest events of the year in KCMO. Tomorrow night, the 26th of May, New Belgium is bringing their traveling film festival to town.

Last year, the weather was perfect, the vibe was great, & the beer was tasty. It's a fun time of being part of a swath of like-minded folks out there to celebrate beer culture, and to share the potential exotic of everyday life. Click here for some of last years examples of cultural goodness.

New Belgium is a huge influence on us in terms of company culture. We love the way they think.

Hope to see you there. I don't dress up for events, but if I did, this would be the one where I show up with a tall Dr. Suess hat on.


Friday, April 15, 2011

A month goes by...

Greetings Friends,

How's it going? We are having a good time this Spring. Our lives outside of coffee have been wild. Me personally? My wife, Sarah, is going to be giving birth to another coffee baby in late June. We moved into an amazing old house on Virginia Ave., in the Squier Park neighborhood of KCMO. It's been busy, and we are always trying to peel back our eyelids to stay present in lives that seem to be cruising by at blinding speeds.

On the coffee front, we have some exciting coffees in house. We have 2 different lots of Burundi. Both have citrus & earth tones, but both have different cup characteristics. We just got a microlot in from Huila, Colombia -wild & sweet flavors happening in there. Look for those to be on our shelf & in your cup when we open here shortly.

Also, our countertops are in!! Our talented friend, Danny, came through with an absolutely beautiful specimen of wood color, texture & construction. Thanks Danny.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

coffee smatterings

Things are happening around the Oddly Correct coffee roasting shack. Briscoe Panels are up, as the photos depict. I am really happy with them. I look forward to spending some more time diving in to the curious matter that inhabits the oh-so-classy plywood and paint.

We have been enjoying the weather shift, as I am certain the rest of you have as well. Euphoric feelings of wind on the face that do not threaten the longevity of one's features on one's face are one of the little benefits of this weather.

We scored a sweet drying rack for our printed 12 oz coffee bags. It is a salvaged bed spring from a crib that had out-lived its frame's stability. Works for us, thanks, Lee.

I have also enjoyed the sensation of pushing a load of coffee in shopping cart recently. It's not so high on the list as finding an arrowhead, or seeing a live armadillo up close in nature(both of which happened recently), but it's still satisfying.

Other than that, stay tuned. Burundi coffee coming soon for real.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello. Happy Spring.

I was talking to a woman a couple of days ago, telling of what we have going on with the shop, etc. She remarked something along the lines of, "you mean the shop that was going to be open in November?" - I said, "Uh, yeah, that one..." It was actually motivating to get a jab from someone I know not. She's right.

So, the now proverbial three week mark has been set. I am calling some numbers on Monday, that should put things in to motion. Some features will be installed this week to make the retail space feel more retail-y, and our lovely bar top-in-progress is, well, in progress. The artist who is crafting it believes our timing can connect.

On the home-delivery front, we will be sending out a Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea. It's got some passion fruitish tones, followed by a mild Indonesian must. I am a fan. So, if you are into that sort of thing, and you live, let's say, between the River Market and Brookside, I will be happy to rest upon your doorstep a hand-crafted bag of coffee. Click hither.

This week, we will be installing a couple panels from the always fine, Brandon Briscoe. He agreed to create a piece or two bring some life to a dark place in the shop. I am imagining it will tie the room together similar to the Dude's rug. Let's hope the fate of the painting is not parallel.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So, apparently it's still winter, despite the fine, fine weather last week. I think it may be considered a blizzard outside. Why not get up and head out in it to get some bouldering in with friends @ threehouse.

Things are moving along at the shop on Main St. We have been getting stuff in order with the officials, and so on.

There's a new coffee shop in town. Mud Pie Vegan Bakery & Coffeehouse opened this past week. We are excited to be roasting coffee for them. They went with an espresso that suited their tastes, as well as rotating drip coffees. I had a cashew milk latte today. The milk is crafted there, which is a beautiful thing. It's great to see passion coming from behind there bar, in what is such a great space & staple of 39th St. I recommend the chocolate bundt cake for breakfast.

It's been a time also, when printing has been able to be loosened up a little bit. Excited we are to take on some more mind-stretching projects.

Cheers to you all,

Friday, February 11, 2011

alright then

Things are going well with the shop on Main St. City processes
are going smooth, and shall hopefully be symbiotic in the end. I am hesitant to say when I think we'll be open, but I believe it will be soon. Sunlight has been flooding the shop in the mornings. Can't wait to share it.

Rudy, my bike doctor, hooked me up with some cyclocross tires this week, and I am now snow-able. I made a bike & trailer delivery of 60 lbs without pain or injury. It felt great to be mobile again.

As for coffees, we have a beautiful Papua New Guinea in house, Honeyopia is back, and a Burundi will be in house next week. New print elements are in the works as well. yeehaw.

Also, here's a before and after pic of what happens to humans after a dozen years of coffee roasting.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

cabin feverish

Alright, it's the semi-dead o winter. We've had two 50 degree days, and the snow is on it's way out until another batch comes in a couple days. Just as well, we say, yeah? It's winter & it's good.

Red tape abounds with our process of opening on Main St. That's fine, of course, but it has caused me to orient my thinking a little differently. We are bringing in some exciting coffees, and we are having fun tasting them, and pairing them with various grub & spices. Since it's cabin fever season, we might as well woodshed.

We've had some fun cuppings over the past few weeks. Thanks for coming out and spitting out our coffee.

More work is being done on getting out some new coffee bag prints, as well as some posters that pimp what's going on in our heads - for better or for worse~

That's it. High five. Talk to you soon.

Monday, January 10, 2011

eating snow

So, the first real snow has hit Kansas City for 2011. Monday morning arrived, and I was excited to ride on some fresh snow and get to roasting some orders today.

Riding in was great-almost euphoric. Not many folks had made tracks yet. Still riding on slicks, I was able to navigate some fresh snow with a few fishtails.

Riding back was a slightly different story. I have been riding this season so far without a fall, as one rides the luck in the empty gas tank as much the fumes. With 4 hours of traffic & some ice on the roads, I indeed, metaphorically, ate some snow-covered pavement.

A smile was on my face the whole time, and the snow was delicious. The time has come for an upgrade. The good bike-doctor, Rudy, will be trading some work on bike upgrades for coffee love. Thanks Dr. Rudy.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

Hey everyone, Happy New Year. Feels good to be living in a new number. Mild temperatures are making for some nice cruising. We are still working on the shop. It's got a little more to go before we are officially open, but it's closer than its ever been. We even have a fancy, light-up exit sign above the door(thanks Randy).

This winter season has proved fruitful in providing some confidence & sanity from reassuring books: REWORK & Brewing Up a Business (thanks Kevin). Daily reminders are housed in these books to buck the gears of the status quo that threaten to grind us down to less than we desire to be. Such gears can be good things or bad(depending on where you're coming from), like industry norms, cultural expectations or a healthy dose of fear of the unknown & the pendulum swing from it. Both of the books mentioned above have been amazing in terms of calling out fear & bullsh*t in the pursuit of something more in life, art & business. Who are you(who are your customers)? What are you hard-wired to be doing(how can you do it better)? & What steps are you taking to get there today? These are a few of the questions we consider daily.

Sound familiar? What's on your minds?

Here's to more substance in 2011. Cheers~