Monday, June 27, 2011

Strapped in

Happy Monday to you. We had a good one on this end. Brother Mike helped out around the shop today, and cranked out some coffee. He even did dishes after cursing at me & gesticulating with various hand & finger positions. Thanks Mike.

This week we will be featuring three coffees, one from Sulawesi, one from Huila, Colombia & one from Sumatra. Funky & pungent sweetness for two of them, clean and crisp on the other. They will be available in 12oz bags for home ingestion, or available by the cup in a variety of means @ the shop on Main St. We'll be there from 7-1.

What else? We are making plans, and getting ready for products to carry in house. It will be a leisurely process, but we know you will like it. Maybe we will get a sign on the building soon too. Naw, that's crazy talk...

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