Friday, April 15, 2011

A month goes by...

Greetings Friends,

How's it going? We are having a good time this Spring. Our lives outside of coffee have been wild. Me personally? My wife, Sarah, is going to be giving birth to another coffee baby in late June. We moved into an amazing old house on Virginia Ave., in the Squier Park neighborhood of KCMO. It's been busy, and we are always trying to peel back our eyelids to stay present in lives that seem to be cruising by at blinding speeds.

On the coffee front, we have some exciting coffees in house. We have 2 different lots of Burundi. Both have citrus & earth tones, but both have different cup characteristics. We just got a microlot in from Huila, Colombia -wild & sweet flavors happening in there. Look for those to be on our shelf & in your cup when we open here shortly.

Also, our countertops are in!! Our talented friend, Danny, came through with an absolutely beautiful specimen of wood color, texture & construction. Thanks Danny.