Sunday, January 30, 2011

cabin feverish

Alright, it's the semi-dead o winter. We've had two 50 degree days, and the snow is on it's way out until another batch comes in a couple days. Just as well, we say, yeah? It's winter & it's good.

Red tape abounds with our process of opening on Main St. That's fine, of course, but it has caused me to orient my thinking a little differently. We are bringing in some exciting coffees, and we are having fun tasting them, and pairing them with various grub & spices. Since it's cabin fever season, we might as well woodshed.

We've had some fun cuppings over the past few weeks. Thanks for coming out and spitting out our coffee.

More work is being done on getting out some new coffee bag prints, as well as some posters that pimp what's going on in our heads - for better or for worse~

That's it. High five. Talk to you soon.

Monday, January 10, 2011

eating snow

So, the first real snow has hit Kansas City for 2011. Monday morning arrived, and I was excited to ride on some fresh snow and get to roasting some orders today.

Riding in was great-almost euphoric. Not many folks had made tracks yet. Still riding on slicks, I was able to navigate some fresh snow with a few fishtails.

Riding back was a slightly different story. I have been riding this season so far without a fall, as one rides the luck in the empty gas tank as much the fumes. With 4 hours of traffic & some ice on the roads, I indeed, metaphorically, ate some snow-covered pavement.

A smile was on my face the whole time, and the snow was delicious. The time has come for an upgrade. The good bike-doctor, Rudy, will be trading some work on bike upgrades for coffee love. Thanks Dr. Rudy.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

Hey everyone, Happy New Year. Feels good to be living in a new number. Mild temperatures are making for some nice cruising. We are still working on the shop. It's got a little more to go before we are officially open, but it's closer than its ever been. We even have a fancy, light-up exit sign above the door(thanks Randy).

This winter season has proved fruitful in providing some confidence & sanity from reassuring books: REWORK & Brewing Up a Business (thanks Kevin). Daily reminders are housed in these books to buck the gears of the status quo that threaten to grind us down to less than we desire to be. Such gears can be good things or bad(depending on where you're coming from), like industry norms, cultural expectations or a healthy dose of fear of the unknown & the pendulum swing from it. Both of the books mentioned above have been amazing in terms of calling out fear & bullsh*t in the pursuit of something more in life, art & business. Who are you(who are your customers)? What are you hard-wired to be doing(how can you do it better)? & What steps are you taking to get there today? These are a few of the questions we consider daily.

Sound familiar? What's on your minds?

Here's to more substance in 2011. Cheers~