Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas to you all. We had a good time fauxopening for a couple days this week. We enjoyed meeting you and reconnecting with some folks who we haven't seen since locations & times past.

We are fully equipped to take many forms of payment, and are just waiting on a couple inspections that shall allow us to open our doors for reals. Included in this post are a couple images of the progress that has been made. Remodel progression pics coming soon.

Cheers to you,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

fresh-roasted coffee mailers ready to go

Hey all,

The holidays are upon us, & we are here to help your potential shopping woes.
We are introducing gift/greeting cards that include a gift code inside
for the gift recipient to email to us to receive a bag of coffee loving.

More details & coffee options coming next week.

Check here

Thursday, November 11, 2010

cool air

It's raining tonight, and it's kinda lovely. With wet pants I leave the bike @ the door, and prepare to work on some Rue Royale CD artwork. It will be done by this weekend. The album will be out shortly. They will be back in KC in May.

We obtained a bike carrier/trailer from some good friends recently. Our daughter digs it, but I hear more cackling from the coffee I have been carting around. I guess they don't get to see much of the environment they arrive in. From the farm to the bag to the ship to the warehouse to the truck to the roaster to the cup to your gullet to the sewer they go. They now enjoy jaunts through Midtown as an added step in the process.

New Costa Rican micro-milled coffee coming for tomorrow's home delivery. San Marcos farm from Tarrazu. It's a citrusy-sweet, bodylicious cup for your pleasure. There's still time to get it on it here.


Monday, November 1, 2010


Home coffee delivery took a bit of a break over the past few months. The need is felt for speed and the beard desires to be windswept, and later frozen.

This week, the featured coffee is a luscious & fruity dry(natural) process Ethiopian Jimma. We bought very little of it, and it's most definitely coffee worthy of you coffee freaks.

Just hit up our site to have some on your doorstep. 12 oz bag or 1/4 oz moonshine jars available.

We will deliver from the River Market to Brookside. If there are piranhas or other obstacles in the way of the coffee & your joy, please include in the paypal invoice, or sent an email to us @

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Last week, the KC marathon cruised by the shop. I was not able to accommodate onlookers caffeine needs that day. I fear for the Seinfeld effect of watching a foot race with hot coffee in hand. Maybe next year we will be ready. All the runners can sign a waiver.

Anyhow, the progress is visible @ the shop now. We are picking up a couple sinks today that will allow us to be inspection-ready very soon.

Happy Saturday to you all.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

life on main

With no wifi @ the shop yet, broadcasting has proved challenging. Here's a fast update.

The roaster is in & production is rolling. Tim Burton inspired smokestack & cooling in effect.

The whole space is designed to be modular, as we are printing, roasting, tasting, brewing & making music in there. We have rolling dividers, & the bar will be modular as well, functioning as a whole bean counter, cupping table & a surface to sit on when the need permits.

We are very happy to be @ 3934 Main, and look forward to opening our doors officially in early December. That's the plan.

Thanks for the love...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

One last push of heavy lifting

We extracted the Joper roaster & the little guy from the Threehouse studio location last night. This time, we did not have to haul it up the stairs, but it was pouring rain. I don't like to make anything too easy. In climbing, Sarah & I would always say, anything that is harder than it needs to be gets chalked up to training. So, training it was...

We loaded the gear in to a trailer & headed on to Midtown. I wisely rode in the back with the equipment to see it through a tough transition. Coffee roasters are sensitive. (see ultrasound photo) I stared @ the increasingly humanoid face of the roaster as streetlights brightened and faded, and every bump sounded like the bottom of the trailer was going to give way. I have this picture in my head of myself careening away, clutching on to the roaster with a stream of sparks arching behind us.

It didn't happen. The roaster is now in-house. Stack is almost up. Should be operational within 24 hours. Yahoo.

Monday, September 6, 2010


A call came through late Sunday morning. Ben Jones, an engraving & print zealot, breathed excitedly into the phone, "got a Chandler & Price for you if you want it-just have to pick it up." "Uhhh, okay." I reply.

Three hours later, Ben introduced to the head of the KC Ink & Paper society, Calvert Guthrie. He was providing the trailer & outfitted us with all kinds of pry bars, leather hammers, beams & straps. As he rifled through drawers & boxes, tossing us random objects("might as well take that - might need it."), he reminded me of a mix between Hunter Thompson & a vampire hunter. We didn't know what half the tools did, but we suspected we would understand when the time was right. Oh, and yes, it was going to get ugly.

The deal entailed removing an old-style Chandler & Price platen press from someone's house in the Westside. We learned that the original owner of the press was the sole printer for the latino community in the mid-century. His son took it over, and now he was ready for the heavy heavy beast to be out of his house. Simple enough, right?

We called a few friends, and snagged a few to help us lift something heavy and be enjoying a cold beverage by the time the sun went down. We measured the door:27 inches. We measure the press:way wider than 27 inches... What we though would be a simple, yet ridiculous job, turned into a slightly more complicated, ridiculous job. That said, the friends we recruited were smart, & found reasons to go & be free elsewhere.
Crammed into this little basement, complete with bucket to catch water a leak, & a pretty sweet virgin Mary sculpture, was this beast of a press. We began to embrace the greasy metal, sweating and grunting. Ben's zeal is the reason this is going down. The prospect of taking the press apart, down to it's essential frame lit up his eyes in the name of science. I was there to help and use whatever brute force was necessary to get the job done.
Long story short, we got the press out one door, down two steps, across a room, up four steps into a trailer, and into our new shop in less than twelve hours over two days. Using the might of Ben, myself & the beast, Mark Beard(as well as some ancient Egyptian technology), the press is ready for a severe cleaning, which will reveal some lovely pinstriping on clean iron.
Now begins the meticulous process of assembling the machine, back to its former glory. We have named the press Gabriel, for that was the name of the original owner/operator. We will love, cherish, use & protect it.
Pictures to follow

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Got the keys...

We are very excited to get things rolling in our new space on Main St. in KCMO. It's going to be a couple weeks of demolition & minor construction before it's functional. 4 blocks from home, I can once again walk to work before my coffee is drinking temperature.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time Capsule: The day arrived

The day the new-to-us roaster arrived, was a head-scratching day. The main question on my mind was, how am I going to get this 300 pound piece of steel down 9-10 steps? At the same time, how was I to keep it & myself in working order after the job was done?

Enter friend, & think-tank, Randy. He brings a stout perseverance to any table he approaches. I knew he would be interested in helping solve this problem.

At this point, the roaster is in a crate (about the size of a couple refrigerators)outside the shop. It's perhaps 38 degrees, & sunny. At my disposal, I have a fantastic oversized scraper a friend made for me in N.C. It was designed to scrape the underside of a two bag coffee roaster cooling tray. It's a fine piece of steel. It has been used as a pull up bar, an ice breaker, & potential self-defense weapon. Now it was being used as a pry-bar, and a lever to inch the half-crated roaster towards the shop door.

Randy arrives, we take a coffee break.

Break over, we head back outside & deliberate the preferred methods of overcoming this obstacle. Half-hearted attempts at mumbling brilliant solutions exit our lips, and dissipate weakly into little plumes of steam.

Enter friend #2: Wes. Phone call:"hey man, I was wondering if you were roasting today, and I could swing by and pick up a bag of coffee?" Me:"um, yep. C'mon by..." My response upturned not so casually at the last second with the optimism of a guy who truly almost believes this substantial task will "just take a second."

Accelerating the story now, Wes arrives, we all deliberate, and start moving the mother towards the doorway. Maybe we lugged it up a step onto the landing, when the idea that had been brewing, slowly dawned on me. One must draw upon what one has to work with when one is in a position of challenge, no?

Being a climber has aided me in a number of applications, as it helped me this day. I grabbed my harness, tied in, and tossed the rope over one of the supports of the warehouse. After tying the rope to the roaster, the fine citizen, Andy Michael stood near to grab on and hang off of me as I dangle. Wes & Randy lifted as I hoisted & Andy hung.

As you can see by the picture, the roaster and I made it in one piece. The other fellas survived as well. "Welcome to the coffee industry," I said, as another of the many foolish things done in the name of coffee roasting was finished.

We are moving the roaster again in a week. However, we will utilize the roll up door this time.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Post Ric Rac

Saturday was a good time. It was hot, it was breezy, & many folks came out to forage on the goodness that was there. We enjoyed meeting lots of new people, and a few who came back for more from last year.

Right @ 4 p.m., the storm came and threatened to blow us away. I think everyone got soaked in the effort to protect any goods the rain might pain. It's been a long time since I have been that wet from a warm summer rain. I definitely took a few minutes to stand and take it in.

Also, Friday night, we went out to check out the I-70 latte art competition @ the Roasterie. Thanks to them for hosting the event. It was fun to have the greater Kansas City baristas & roasters in attendance. We met some new folks & enjoyed connecting once again with some current ones. We are hopeful for the the progressing state of the coffee community here in K.C.

Cheers to you, coffee freaks.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

we're back & inspired

Yep, we're back. Colorado was amazing. We were blown away by all we expected to be - creation, culture, people, altitude & positive attitudes. It's inspiring to see people going for it. Going for what? Pursuing passions & augmenting local community is the 'it' that fuels our fire.

I will expound on that thought process in the near future. This week, we are preparing, gearing for the Ric Rac Roundup in Westport KCMO this weekend. It's a collective bizarre bazaar of local artists and craftspeople. Last year was great, and we are honored to be back again.

We will be selling whole bean, fresh roasted coffees in printed and illustrated bags, as well as fresh & chilly toddy. We are experimenting on what coffee to serve, and I am leaning towards a washed Ethiopian Sidamo. It's complex, with a soft,warm-canned peach flavor, with big cocoa tones. What better to drink on a hot midwestern plains day? Beer? Touche.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

a post @ long last, & inspiration ho

photo:Brandon Hill

It's been a while since we have last posted(thanks for the nudge, Brian!). If you check this blog regularly, this is no surprise. Organization and consistency not strong points for me (switching from we to me to lay the proper rebuke). That said, it is time to update.

Oddly Correct is ever changing, it seems, in location & roasting situations. We are currently @ threehouse, with Jer Collins (check this film out) and the Howdeshells duo(trio). It's been great, however, we are moving on to a new space with wholesale back room for roasting & printing, and a retail front, so coffee freaks can find us easier. More to come on that in August & September.

Over the past couple of years, much inspiration has been absorbed in terms of how life can be lived more fully in relation to the place we live, the communities we are part of, and the work we do for income(oh, and that which we are passionate - the two can be one!). I will write in more detail on this. One of the main points of inspiration occured @ New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, CO.

My friend, Ryan, & his family were moving to Portland, OR. I was asked to accompany him on the journey west, in a Uhaul trailing a Volvo, for 5 days with a dog and no timeline. I accepted the offer. I was expecting to be inspired, because - hey, it's the west! However, I did not expect to be blown away as much as I was by the culture that surrounds New Belgium, in terms of a lifestyle of work & family & play.

Sarah, my wife, & I are headed out west for some inspiration, rest and much needed climbing time together. We will be hitting up Boulder, CO, first, and then up to Fort Collins to catch the brewery tour, and then we nestle ourselves here(click & enjoy).

Talk to you on the other side,


Sunday, March 28, 2010

some fresh (hammer)press

we are excited to be on the shelf of our favorite letterpress slash general store, Hammerpress, here in Kansas City.

Stop in and check out their fine goods.

hello again

Spring is here, and it's time to get physical again. We have been monkeying around all winter climbing and hanging on things. It's time for some cardio, now that a 3 season biker can endure the weather. Friday home delivery for Midtown-ish KC folks is in effect. Orders received by Wednesday night/Thursday morning will be delivered to doorsteps on Friday.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Winter presses on in KCMO. Our new shop has heat, so it's not so bad. Our roasting and printing space share real estate and oxygen with some other folks. There's been some adjusting for all of us. Being the weirdos we are, we are getting used to other human beings being in close proximity to us. The other humans are getting used to our noise and smells, and the smoke that accompanies really any issue that occurs with coffee roasting equipment. When something goes awry, depending on the stage of roast, stopping the smoke is like stopping effects of gravity. Computers and paper don't send you home smelling like the same. Coffee roasting, however, even on its best days-blesses all with the pleasant funk of second hand sugar caramelizing and hydro carbon production.

We have also laid to rest our second nikon point and shoot camera. Now, a verizon phone camera is the means of communicating to the world, the visual fantastickery that surrounds us on a daily basis. As we save for an upgrade, we will make the most of what we have.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cupping with the Filling Station

Some of the crew of the Filling Station came by today for a groundwork-laying cupping. everyone got dialed in deeper to the various general character of the various growing regions on the table. We will explore variety in preps shortly, and get as freaky as they are willing to get with wherever their collective coffee desires take them.

I love seeing people hovering together over coffees, spouting ideas & perceptions simultaneously. Learning to slurp & spit is a great way to bring a team nearer to each other. Now, I shall relish lugging the milk can serving as a spittoon and chaff collector to the garden for composting.

Inspiration ho.