Sunday, July 11, 2010

a post @ long last, & inspiration ho

photo:Brandon Hill

It's been a while since we have last posted(thanks for the nudge, Brian!). If you check this blog regularly, this is no surprise. Organization and consistency not strong points for me (switching from we to me to lay the proper rebuke). That said, it is time to update.

Oddly Correct is ever changing, it seems, in location & roasting situations. We are currently @ threehouse, with Jer Collins (check this film out) and the Howdeshells duo(trio). It's been great, however, we are moving on to a new space with wholesale back room for roasting & printing, and a retail front, so coffee freaks can find us easier. More to come on that in August & September.

Over the past couple of years, much inspiration has been absorbed in terms of how life can be lived more fully in relation to the place we live, the communities we are part of, and the work we do for income(oh, and that which we are passionate - the two can be one!). I will write in more detail on this. One of the main points of inspiration occured @ New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, CO.

My friend, Ryan, & his family were moving to Portland, OR. I was asked to accompany him on the journey west, in a Uhaul trailing a Volvo, for 5 days with a dog and no timeline. I accepted the offer. I was expecting to be inspired, because - hey, it's the west! However, I did not expect to be blown away as much as I was by the culture that surrounds New Belgium, in terms of a lifestyle of work & family & play.

Sarah, my wife, & I are headed out west for some inspiration, rest and much needed climbing time together. We will be hitting up Boulder, CO, first, and then up to Fort Collins to catch the brewery tour, and then we nestle ourselves here(click & enjoy).

Talk to you on the other side,



Kimberly said...

Please tell the Lumpy Ridge I said hello and I miss it..

Have fun you two!

Percussivity said...

Please come back inspired AND undamaged!