Tuesday, July 20, 2010

we're back & inspired

Yep, we're back. Colorado was amazing. We were blown away by all we expected to be - creation, culture, people, altitude & positive attitudes. It's inspiring to see people going for it. Going for what? Pursuing passions & augmenting local community is the 'it' that fuels our fire.

I will expound on that thought process in the near future. This week, we are preparing, gearing for the Ric Rac Roundup in Westport KCMO this weekend. It's a collective bizarre bazaar of local artists and craftspeople. Last year was great, and we are honored to be back again.

We will be selling whole bean, fresh roasted coffees in printed and illustrated bags, as well as fresh & chilly toddy. We are experimenting on what coffee to serve, and I am leaning towards a washed Ethiopian Sidamo. It's complex, with a soft,warm-canned peach flavor, with big cocoa tones. What better to drink on a hot midwestern plains day? Beer? Touche.

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