Thursday, November 11, 2010

cool air

It's raining tonight, and it's kinda lovely. With wet pants I leave the bike @ the door, and prepare to work on some Rue Royale CD artwork. It will be done by this weekend. The album will be out shortly. They will be back in KC in May.

We obtained a bike carrier/trailer from some good friends recently. Our daughter digs it, but I hear more cackling from the coffee I have been carting around. I guess they don't get to see much of the environment they arrive in. From the farm to the bag to the ship to the warehouse to the truck to the roaster to the cup to your gullet to the sewer they go. They now enjoy jaunts through Midtown as an added step in the process.

New Costa Rican micro-milled coffee coming for tomorrow's home delivery. San Marcos farm from Tarrazu. It's a citrusy-sweet, bodylicious cup for your pleasure. There's still time to get it on it here.


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