Thursday, September 16, 2010

One last push of heavy lifting

We extracted the Joper roaster & the little guy from the Threehouse studio location last night. This time, we did not have to haul it up the stairs, but it was pouring rain. I don't like to make anything too easy. In climbing, Sarah & I would always say, anything that is harder than it needs to be gets chalked up to training. So, training it was...

We loaded the gear in to a trailer & headed on to Midtown. I wisely rode in the back with the equipment to see it through a tough transition. Coffee roasters are sensitive. (see ultrasound photo) I stared @ the increasingly humanoid face of the roaster as streetlights brightened and faded, and every bump sounded like the bottom of the trailer was going to give way. I have this picture in my head of myself careening away, clutching on to the roaster with a stream of sparks arching behind us.

It didn't happen. The roaster is now in-house. Stack is almost up. Should be operational within 24 hours. Yahoo.