Sunday, January 30, 2011

cabin feverish

Alright, it's the semi-dead o winter. We've had two 50 degree days, and the snow is on it's way out until another batch comes in a couple days. Just as well, we say, yeah? It's winter & it's good.

Red tape abounds with our process of opening on Main St. That's fine, of course, but it has caused me to orient my thinking a little differently. We are bringing in some exciting coffees, and we are having fun tasting them, and pairing them with various grub & spices. Since it's cabin fever season, we might as well woodshed.

We've had some fun cuppings over the past few weeks. Thanks for coming out and spitting out our coffee.

More work is being done on getting out some new coffee bag prints, as well as some posters that pimp what's going on in our heads - for better or for worse~

That's it. High five. Talk to you soon.

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