Friday, February 11, 2011

alright then

Things are going well with the shop on Main St. City processes
are going smooth, and shall hopefully be symbiotic in the end. I am hesitant to say when I think we'll be open, but I believe it will be soon. Sunlight has been flooding the shop in the mornings. Can't wait to share it.

Rudy, my bike doctor, hooked me up with some cyclocross tires this week, and I am now snow-able. I made a bike & trailer delivery of 60 lbs without pain or injury. It felt great to be mobile again.

As for coffees, we have a beautiful Papua New Guinea in house, Honeyopia is back, and a Burundi will be in house next week. New print elements are in the works as well. yeehaw.

Also, here's a before and after pic of what happens to humans after a dozen years of coffee roasting.


DeeDee said...

Honeyopia????? I was just in the Filling station for the first time today I am from mississippi down visiting and I bought a bag of this coffee. The guy told the background of this coffee can you please tell me again. what kind of coffee it is again. Can you get it grinned anywhere? Thanks Jessica Snyder

grk said...

Hey, thanks for the word. Sorry for the delay.

Honeyopia, as it is called is a blend of an African & Central American coffees. We describe it as balanced, funky, and kind of "rare-meat sweet." - like a rare steak, if you are a carnivore.

If you are still around, Filling Station can grind it for you.

Cheers, & thanks.

Show you said...

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