Monday, January 10, 2011

eating snow

So, the first real snow has hit Kansas City for 2011. Monday morning arrived, and I was excited to ride on some fresh snow and get to roasting some orders today.

Riding in was great-almost euphoric. Not many folks had made tracks yet. Still riding on slicks, I was able to navigate some fresh snow with a few fishtails.

Riding back was a slightly different story. I have been riding this season so far without a fall, as one rides the luck in the empty gas tank as much the fumes. With 4 hours of traffic & some ice on the roads, I indeed, metaphorically, ate some snow-covered pavement.

A smile was on my face the whole time, and the snow was delicious. The time has come for an upgrade. The good bike-doctor, Rudy, will be trading some work on bike upgrades for coffee love. Thanks Dr. Rudy.

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