Sunday, March 20, 2011

coffee smatterings

Things are happening around the Oddly Correct coffee roasting shack. Briscoe Panels are up, as the photos depict. I am really happy with them. I look forward to spending some more time diving in to the curious matter that inhabits the oh-so-classy plywood and paint.

We have been enjoying the weather shift, as I am certain the rest of you have as well. Euphoric feelings of wind on the face that do not threaten the longevity of one's features on one's face are one of the little benefits of this weather.

We scored a sweet drying rack for our printed 12 oz coffee bags. It is a salvaged bed spring from a crib that had out-lived its frame's stability. Works for us, thanks, Lee.

I have also enjoyed the sensation of pushing a load of coffee in shopping cart recently. It's not so high on the list as finding an arrowhead, or seeing a live armadillo up close in nature(both of which happened recently), but it's still satisfying.

Other than that, stay tuned. Burundi coffee coming soon for real.


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