Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kitchen Letterpress

The short story of how this C&P Pilot got in my kitchen is the stuff dreams are made out of.  I was searching for this very model in KC, and found one for 3 or 4 grand.  I can't remember which price it was, but they were both out of my price range.  2 days after I declined dropping that kind of cash, my father calls me from a basement of an antique store in Moline, IL.  Same press I was looking for with 3 boxes of incredibly useful stuff for about $120.  Sold.  
So now this press is in our kitchen, and soon to be put to use in the shop.  Said boxes of useful stuff include tons of spacers, furniture and blocks with vikings, stars, cans of apricots and more.  Yahoo.  
Great find, Dad.  Thanks for your zeal.  This might be a good racket for you.  

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