Monday, August 3, 2009

Local Roasters Unite

Station Coffee in KCMO @ Westport Rd. & Southwest Trafficway is officially open and cranking. Naked portafilters, french press coffees & and maybe 3 bottles of syrup are in the entire establishment(NO WHIPPED CREAM!!! - so sorry...).

They are doing it right and are raising the bar for quality coffee in Kansas City proper. Local coffee roasters and bakers are featured there to keep the product fresh, and the competition friendly.

As we are aware, coffee shops should be places for the local community to unite. Here, it's local customers and local suppliers who weave through the rustic-modern interior, or wrap around the building for the drive thru. There's enough love to go around.

Inside the space there's a great vibe, and great people pulling shots. We are proud to be one of the featured local roasters there. Check out what's happening there if you happen through Kansas City. Try a shot of espresso, or some coffee black. It may change your life...


The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Local customers eh? Do they require a recent utility bill as proof of residency?

"Sorry ma'am...we can serve you your espresso, but your relatives from Idaho will have to wait outside."

Oddly Correct said...

The drive thru is for outsiders. It's usually obvious to the trained eye who a local is... Surely you understand.