Sunday, September 13, 2009

scene from around the shop

new Sidamos on the way soon. there are a couple more exciting things bobbing on the surface of this odd sea we're sailing. bouldering wall should be constructed and flailable in about 2 weeks. no reason not to get strong whilst the roaster heats and cools. Happy Monday to y'all...


Ariel said...

Hey, just picked up some Honeyopia beans from the Filling Station (name sucked me in). Great as drip coffee and the two Americanos I've made have been excellent about some branding, though? I had to ask several employees before I got your company name.

Oddly Correct said...

Thanks for the comments. Yep, branding is coming along. Working on it as I type. By mid-October, we should have a bunch more branding elements out there.

We are glad you dug the Honeyopia. We will cycle coffees there on the shelf every 14 days. Look for a white owl, swisher sweet in a good way Brasilian coming soon.

Thanks Ariel.