Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"lil' ol' gramma in a younger man's body"

That's what a friend of mine described me as, when I told him of my ideas for fancy ticklin' with mail order add ons.  You know, a sticker here, a little print there... Who doesn't like a little something extra?  Like a Patagonia catalog, you get sweet investment clothing and inspiring photos of people living exotically where ever they are.  

That's what we try to do.  Walk past burger kings, eat bananas while spilling coffee while the sun rises on your way to work, and you have to wear a sweatshirt in Kansas City on June 3rd.  Anyhow, live like you mean it in whatever you are doing.  I guess that's an obvious sentiment, but I have to keep reminding myself.  

So, that's what this little image is, a testament to the gramma in all of us.  

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